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About Us

Vishnu Power Solutions (VPS) works for powerful domestics and industrial purpose products. We are highly reputed entity involved in manufacturing and supplying a wide array of best quality ac/dc LED Bulbs and Solar/dc Led Bulb. Using the best quality material by our adroit professionals, we are successfully engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Surface Light, Street Light, Panel Light, concealed light etc in Chandigarh, India. Widely appreciated in the market for their contemporary design and superior functionality, these panels are widely used in offices, restaurants and homes. The designing and fabrication of these panels are done with the perfect blend of raw material and technology as per latest market trends. Available with us in wide specifications, we make supply of these panels in tamper-proof packaging at budget-friendly rates.
We are manufacturer as well as services provider of Electrical & Electronics products and Mechanical auto parts. These are the Electrical and Electronics category products- LED lights are LED Bulbs, Tube lights, panel light, Flood light, Street lights and similarly for solar product can be seen as Desert cooler, solar water pump, solar lantern, etc in various power ratings. Along with this, further range of Mechanical products are -auto parts like brake, suspension, control arm etc for 4-wheelers cars and heavy vehicles etc. Apart from the discussed auto parts some parts are designed & developed on-demand by the clients. Dealers/whole-sellers are welcomed for joining us in purchasing bulk orders online service is available. Customers can buy the products directly from company web portal. We provide the quality products and services. We have latest and hi-tech machinery for our production handles by the qualified team of our manufacturing units. Sometimes we provide onsite services as per the company norms. 
Bright light
White and cool white colors available
Life - 50000 hrs.
Very high efficiency > 90%
Very high power factor > 95%
Wide range of AC voltage 100 VAC to 400 VAC
Meets IEC standards for EMI, THD and performance
2.5KV surge protection
Built in protection for high voltage current, short circuit and open circuit
Compact design
Circular and Square shapes available.

LED Lights: - LED-Light Emitting Diodes has a higher lifetime of 50,000Hrs and plays an important role in lighting technology. After CFL, with this new concept of LED lighting occupies the Indian or world markets and varies its application according to the today’s lighting needs. These are mainly used for occasions and for daily lightings at home ,offices, shops etc. requires less consumption of energy and so avoid burdens of huge amount of electricity bills as you paid in olden days while using Philips 60W,100W tungsten based bulbs and tube lights of 40W,60W etc
High luminous intensity
Long life due to high quality of LED and circuitry used 
No glass used for bulbs or tube lights generally plastic body material 
Saves electrical energy
Reduces electricity bills
Mostly used for decoration, offices, industries, vehicles etc
Simple in design and focused 100% of radiating light restrict backside reflecting light
Reasonable prices
Quality based products
Easy to handle and transport anywhere  
Available for home lighting Bulbs 0.5W, 1W,3W,5W,6W,7W,8W,9W,12W
Tube lights for home ranges 16W, 18W and 24W.

For Solar System Solution:- 
Solutions-Now a day’s, the free of cost energy can be obtained from sun and the process of obtaining this energy relates to solar system. And so governments also supporting or providing 30% subsidies for setting up and installation of the power plant either for domestic or industrial purposes. Government also instructed to generate own electricity for individuals and commercial purposes too.  Here PV cells are used to collect the sun’s radiation or light and use system to convert this energy in usable form. There are many equipments are made to utilize the energy- Solar desert cooler, lantern, bulbs, water pumps etc 
Available on dc power supply as well as ac power supply
Independent of state governments electricity
Easy to install on roof- top
Reduces 25years of electricity bill once installed
Equipment can be directly used with solar panel in day time too.
Highly efficient
Solar PV components are-Panel, Inverter, Controller, Battery bank, PV mounting systems
Solar system for power plants available in the range- 1KW, 2KW, 3KW, 4K, 5KW, 6KW, 7KW, 8KW, 10KW

For Auto Parts :-
Solutions-We manufacture wide variety and quality based products as per the requirements of clients. Few auto parts developed on demand as well as on regular basis too. We have experienced manpower and hi-tech machinery for the bulk production. These parts are generally used for 4-wheeler car and heavy vehicle on regular basis for the service center and workshop every day. We manufacture four wheeler autos spare parts like brake disc rotor, shoe, pads, suspension parts as bar and bush, ball joints etc.

Provide guarantee for failure of the products
On-site guarantee
Very cost effective
Fast service
Plate form open for Agency, wholesaler, dealer, retailers welcome
Fast delivery of the products